The Introduction to Surpass All Introductions

I like to cook.

I should know, I made it the subject of my NSF graduate fellowship personal statement in October. And my roommates would agree that I do it well. But that’s not what’s important here. What is important: I am really bad at documenting what I actually cook. Why? Because I do it on the spot. If I ever wanted to emulate something I’ve made in the past, I would honestly never be able to do it.

So, maybe blogging about it will make me better about archiving my fancy-schmancy dinners (in college, a home cooked meal that takes me more than 30 minutes would be considered fancy). Or, even better, meals that I can do homework, study for finals (which, I must admit, I am procrastinating from as we speak), or be an adult while they cook themselves.

Maybe it won’t. In which case, this whole endeavor will be a catastrophic failure and well, I’ll forget about it within a couple weeks.

But if someone other than me actually visits this wordpress site, well my friend, I must commend you.

And without further ado, let the rest of these blog posts be about food and only food. Because really, what’s better than eating?


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