Ahh. Me. My absolute favorite thing to talk about. You know, if we ignore video games, television, movies, puppies, bunnies, hippos, those horrible iPhone apps, news, the ever-growing chasm in America’s two party system, and… well, need I say more?

Quite frankly, I am just a simple college student that ventured from Dallas, Texas and for God-knows-what reason ended up in the fabulous capital of New York. If you thought it was New York City, then you are sadly mistaken. No, Albany. That’s the capital of New York.



Yeah, I know. I didn’t really know there was an Upstate NY either.

Pure culture-shock aside, I’ve had to do a lot of adult-ing here in Albany. And one of my favorite adult-y things to do is cook meals. I mean, I attended 4 years of Food Network cooking school for a reason didn’t I? It wasn’t just a crippling television addiction.

I use cooking as a way to escape from the high stress engineering program I found myself in and narrowly survived for the past 4 years.

Of course, the title of this website is not short lived. Au contraire, because I’m looking at another 5-7 years of website-title-applicableness. After killing myself in a specialized program in the great Upstate NY, I decided that I didn’t have enough. Maybe I’m a secret masochist or something. Now I find myself in the great North. The great North of California that is. Which is incidentally in the middle of California so I haven’t figured out why it’s not central California.

But I’ve moved to the Bay Area (which incidentally I probably don’t need to put up a map because literally everyone know it exists unlike the elusive Upstate NY). The land that’s never cold. The land comprised entirely of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan food (not literally of course). Perhaps moving out for a Ph.D. will make the title of “Stressed” much more applicable than ever before. I certainly hope not.

But seriously, here I’ll be posting about my food-scapades (please get used to the blending of words to make a totally new, totally horrible hybrid word, it’s kind of my thing). Anything from main dishes, to side dishes, to breakfast foods, and even some desserts. I will be archiving my recipes for many cooking endeavors to come.

Jacqueline Elwood

Self-proclaimed chef and video game extraordinaire


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara Hamlett says:

    Hi, Jacqueline,
    Pat shared your blog with me. I had no idea you enjoyed cooking. I enjoyed looking thru your recipes. I may even try to make the gnocchi.
    Good job!!! Go Bears!!!! Barbara Hamlett


  2. Norita Elwood says:

    I am so enjoying your recipes and your commentary that goes along with them. I like that you keep them simple. When you get as old as I am you like simple. Grandma Elwood


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